Why Write a Blog?

August 2, 2020

Why Am I Writing This Blog?

It has been a while since I attended to this blog. I actually began blog writing through my online master’s class in education. Now that is is finished and I realized I wanted to keep writing. I thought I would add to it, make it my own, and try to make it more interesting to read.

My ultimate goal is mainly to write and to improve on it. Am I nervous that people will read this (or not) and not like what they read? Maybe. Am I worried that there may be comments that I do not like or agree with? Yep, that’s true. But, if I don’t try something because of the fear of rejection, or the fear of failing, then I let fear win. Not going to happen.

I want to write. I want people to eventually read my writing. Here is how I start.


My goals in writing:

1) Enjoyment. Pure and simple. I write because I like to.

Stories interest me. I LOVE to read, I LOVE to read a good story. I LOVE to read good writing. I also like to write and would love to have someone else appreciate my writing.

2) To become a better writer.

You cannot improve on something if you do not practice. If I want to be a good writer, I need to write. Here I am. Writing.

3) Publishing my work.

So this one is definitely a dream of mine. I don’t want to do it for fame or fortune (though I won’t say no to fortune), but I do want to give gratification to others the way reading has given me gratification. I am currently writing what I would like to become a book. I have no idea whether or not it will ever be completed, or if I will embrace a new idea altogether. But, for now, I will continue to work at it when the moment compels itself.

4) Something to do when I retire.

I am a teacher and I will be able to retire in my 50s. I hope to live long past that and want to have a focus when the day comes, (or at least after I am done celebrating and real life kicks in again.) Who knows, maybe my writing will allow me to retire earlier? Probably not, but never say never.

5) To be a good example to my children.

Right now my kids are young and cannot even read what I write. But, one day, I want them to be able to see that their mother chose to do something that she wanted that brought her happiness, improved her skills, and maybe made a difference to someone else. Right now, I am making a difference in my life by taking this chance and writing this blog.


Will this blog be read by millions and liked and talked about? Probably not and that’s alright with me. I hope that anyone reading this right now can tell themselves, hey, if this gal can do it, so can I. And it doesn’t have to be writing. Do what interests you and brings you pleasure. Do what helps alleviate the stress that life brings. Do something that may even make a difference in someone else’s life. Whatever it is, do it. Life is too short not to.



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