Communication is Key

March 17, 2019

When thinking about what type of student-student and student-instructor interactions I have available in my online course, I thought that since I was using Google Classroom, I would just use the stream that is on the first page of the classroom. Then, I looked over it and realized that everything gets updated there, including all the lessons and activities that I post and I thought that it would end up being to convoluted for quality interactions to occur.

Image result for google classroom 

In my further thoughts on what I would do, in addition to a weekly zoom meeting, I decided to stick with Google Suites and moved toward adding a Google Plus Community for my course. This I would plan to add into the the outline and provide a place for students to communicate with each other and with myself as well. I used this platform in the class I previously took with Alec, EC&I833 and really found it to be useful. I like Slack, but would prefer to stick with Google for now, due to familiarity.

Contrary to what we read in the chapter on collaborative online learning, this course would not be to discuss crochet but more as skill based course. I do not intend to have in depth discussions or debates on crochet, but have the plan to use the online interactions as a way to support skills and share patterns and issues with this craft. So my purpose as an instructor is not to guide the online discussions but to lead a crafting group at an introductory level. The goal would be for them to learn the basics so that they would feel comfortable progressing on their own to improve their crochet abilities.

I had also mentioned in my course outline that there would be a weekly blog post that would allow the students to discuss their journeys learning how to crochet and uploading short videos or images of their progress. This would be a way that I could see how the student was progressing and how/if I needed adapt my plans for the lessons that I would teach. I may use blog prompts, as Alec has done for us in his classes, and these prompts could include mini side activities or side reading that could help assist the students in their current goals. (My course is looking very similar to Alec’s. Well if it ain’t broke…)

pun if it aint broke GIF by Justin

So far, I think that after taking into considerations the feedback from my peers, the experience with two different courses with Alec  and the readings from this week, I feel that I am well on my way to providing a great opportunity for student-student and student-instructor interactions in my online course.

2 thoughts on “Communication is Key

  1. Using a Google Plus Community would be helpful for proving a place for everyone to communicate together! I get the familiarity thing as well. Sometimes it is just easier to go with what you have some experience with. I do enjoy that your course module is a skill based course. It is different than some other groups and I appreciate your creativity. I like your idea of tracking student progress through the use of a blog as well. Great work Sonja!


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