Just a Little Bit of Peer Review


I was nervous and excited to receive the responses from my peers on my course module. I did not expect to have such a positive response since I thought I was taking a chance at creating a course on a hobby. I was happy to see that one of my classmates is a fellow crocheter, so I got some great feedback from someone who seems to know the material well.

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I appreciate that most of the reviewers found the platform of Google classroom to be easy to use. It is a great way to connect with the students through the comment page and for me as the instructor to add assignments and upload links. I decided to use this platform because I was familiar with it with my own grade 5/6 classroom.

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One classmate did find Google classroom to be a bit confusing to navigate, because it was her first time using it, and I would definitely take the advice on providing a small tutorial on how to use Google classroom as one of the first lessons. I had ignorantly assumed that everyone would have been familiar with Google classroom, but now that I think about it I realize that my intended audience of adult and teen crafters would not necessarily all be familiar.
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One of my classmates mentioned how the introduction to the course was well set up and she appreciated the descriptions, pictures and links to allow for some further research for the students of the course if they were so inclined to do so.

The comment about adding a bio of myself and possibly even a picture so that students can learn about me as an instructor was a great idea that I intend to add to my module. I think this is a great way to personalize and to increase the comfort level that a potential student would be able to experience with this adjustment.

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So, as much as I thought that I had checked things over, there were still mistakes made. I had forgotten to add a link to a website that I had fully intended on including and I truly apologize for that. I added the site introduction, but alas, did not copy and paste the URL. If at first you make a mistake, try to fix it within a decent amount of time! But, I have now fixed it and will be triple checking the next module just to make sure everything works.

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Yes, there are assessments in this course, and no they are not too difficult. I appreciate that this was recognized in the review because I too believe that he assessments fit the type of course, which is meant to be more of a hobby type course. I decided to include assessments in order to attract students who were serious about the course and would be willing to put in the effort to learn a new skill. This was intended to direct more towards the serious crafters and to make a course that could allow for good quality instruction and serious discussions and commitments to completing projects together and to learn from one another. It may have been called “Crochet for Beginners” but I believe that the instructor could learn a thing or two in this course as well!

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I do need to mention though, that there were some things that I would disagree with from the reviews. I will not be mentioning those things here, specifically, as I do not want to embarrass or put down the opinions of others. Overall, the review was mainly positive and I really do appreciate the constructive criticism. But, just like anything that others provide their opinions to there will be times that we do not see eye to eye. So, I would just like to that I am so very grateful to have the opportunity to be reviewed by such wonderful classmate and I thank you very much for your time reviewing my module, responding to it and allowing for me to reflect upon it as well.


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4 thoughts on “Just a Little Bit of Peer Review

  1. Good for you to for taking a risk and choosing to do a topic that is personally meaningful to you!! I also agree that I assumed Google Classroom would be easy to navigate but if you have never used it before there is a learning curve and setting up a tutorial about it would be a good idea!! I also like the idea about personalizing it by adding info about you. Will you be sharing your “crochet creations” with your students with pictures or how? Good luck on taking the feedback and using it to create your next module Sonja!!


  2. Great reflective feedback! Google Classroom at first can sometimes feel daunting, but I found even if you click on stream, it is easier to navigate to see the list of assignments. I love how you have chosen a passion project – so fun!


  3. Great reflection on the feedback! I love that you decided to create a course on something you are passionate about and want to teach others! I think it is awesome, and I don’t know a thing about crocheting but I feel like an online environment would be very un-intimidating way to begin. I would love to know how your students will submit assessments or what types are you planning on using in your course?


  4. First off, I thought creating your prototype on a craft was a terrific idea. I believe as teachers,we strive to teach many different topics to our students, even if this prototype wasn’t for your current class of students. The hidden curriculum can be just as important as what the ministry prescribes for education. Teaching students skills or pastimes that can last a lifetime is definitely important! Is there a way to connect this to your curriculum, or could you use this as a craft club at school?


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